Sep 30

If you were to have by some sort of circumstances, been responsible for acts of genius by a person, who would that person be? i.e. Mozart and his musical composition, Einstein and his theory of relativity, etc. fleur-de-pensee

At first I wanted to say Galileo, and then I thought of Copernicus, and now I can’t decide on anyone since the idea can’t really be attached to one person or era. It would definitely be the theory of Heliocentrism though. What would it feel like to have dedicated your life to religion and then discover that what the scriptures said, about an immovable and constant Earth as the center of all existence, was wrong? That everything you thought you knew about the stars and the sun was wrong? That maybe humans and this planet are not the most important things in the universe? That must have been the biggest “A-HA!” moment ever. It sparked the imaginations of so many brilliant people who grabbed the idea and ran with it. Physics, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, religion… everything was affected.


  1. fleur-de-pensee said: Well I certainly know the feeling of realizing that everything I believed in was wrong. Not really an “A-HA!” More like, “OH NO.”
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